Jeweling is perfect for those looking to give their firearm beautiful new look while maintaining performance and functionality. Not only is jeweling very ascetically pleasing but extremely functional, because we start by polishing  the part being jeweled it gives that part a lower coefficient of friction. That  gets you smoother operation, faster cycling rate, better reliability and easier clean up! For semi auto pistols we have the option to polish the feed ramp, this help with feeding issues, operation and makes it easier to clean.

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Timber Wolf Tactical Is bringing jeweling back! We offer multiple jeweling options to give your new gun some classic styling or breath new life to your older guns. Please contact us with any questions regarding this product or it’s options. Stay informed on new products by following us on Facebook and Instagram @timberwolftacticalequipment or by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of the page.

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Pistol barrel hood only, Pistol barrel hood/ polish feed ramp, Bolt's & BCG's for rifles & shotgun's, Revolver cylinder, Misc parts small, Misc parts large


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