Shotgun Loading Ports


Custom loading port enhancement for most semi automatic and pump shotguns. This is a must have for competitive and tactical shooters. It makes reloads faster, smoother and easier. Sometimes no matter how much you practice you can only be as good as your equipment. With this loading port enhancement you can throw quads or doubles like a pro without pinching fingers and snagging shells causing you to lose time. It is sometimes necessary to modify the forend to allow for proper enhancement of the loading port. If your forend does not get in the way of your loading port then pick the no forend modification necessary option.

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Timber Wolf Tactical¬† loading port enhancement is an affordable, comfortable and most of all practical upgrade to your shotgun. We take your gun and give you the best possible port for that make and model. We hold our loading ports to a high standard of testing to ensure they’re perfect every time. Please contact us before buying to make sure this is a possible upgrade for your specific firearm as well as ensure you’re purchasing the proper options. Stay informed on new products by following us on Facebook and Instagram @timberwolftacticalequipment¬†or by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of the page.


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